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Please check Website calendar for upcoming Day retreats or if you have a group, please email to arrange a special day for you and your group.

Spiritual Day Retreat in Sedona, AZ...A Day of Cleansing and Replenishing

Do you need a day off to align yourself to a positive, serene, healing vibration?

Yes? Then allow yourself to TAKE THE DAY OFF...YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  

And join me and let's let go, relax, cleanse, and replenish with the beautiful energy of Sedona. That is our intention of the day....CLEANSE & REPLENISH.

An enlightening and fun time by visiting sacred spots, cleansing and replenishing throughout the day. Tina will lead you through various techniques and will sprinkle spiritual activities throughout the day and provide you with the tools and supplies to do so.  You will go home with your own vibration of serenity to continue the serenity process on your own.

This is all spiritually driven, so allow Tina to guide you. You just need to show up and be present with your open, flexible, and spontaneous self.

Holistic and Spiritual Leader & Author: Tina Sacchi
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